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Barking Mad Pet Products


UI/UX, E-Commerce Web Design, Branding, SEO


September 1st, 2021


Gerald – E-Commerce Architect
Chantelle – UI/UX Frontend Dev

Barking mad pet products is an online pet store in Cape Town focused on expanding the online pet retail industry in South Africa. Based independently in Cape Town.


Create an user-friendly online store – innovative, with a clean and simple design that communicates brand values and showcases multi-media content.

  • Develop easy-to-find and easy-to-navigate mobile friendly website
  • Showcase each type of content: interactive products.
  • Create an experience people want to share with others.
  • Increase CTR on Google search Console.


Our approach was to create a feature rich, online shopping experience for all Barking Mad customers. Integrated with Google Search Console and Google Analytics for in-depth tracking Capabilities. Facebook and Google shopping integration to drive sales across multiple platforms.

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