Social Media
Marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing is a way to use the biggest audience platforms of the internet to your advantage. Organic advertisements are just one form that is also employed by social media marketers, but it’s far from limited to that. Targeted audiences are geared toward certain demographics and psychographics click rates which are monitored for gauging viewer interest for an ad or product being promoted and building an audience that will help you leave your mark on the world. All these examples result in immediate outcomes for businesses that stay updated on modern advertising technology!  

SMM is like having your finger on the pulse of current trends that are happening in your specific industry. You will never know what content was shared throughout the day until you spend time following different people to get updates on which hashtags, images, or videos were posted. This opens up a huge window for businesses to show their own promotion without seeming overly pushy or demanding attention.

Social media marketing is a new and better way to make a lasting impression on your prospects with the constant connection of instant communication online.

SMM can be used to help grow a following on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Youtube for your brand to gain exposure and build an audience that is committed to your brand or business. You will see the targeted results you need with social media marketing!

Social media is an efficient way to connect with even the most niche audiences. Social media ad post’s targets strategically so only those not yet acquainted with your company or your products will be reached.

It can be difficult to create an enormous audience in a short span of time, but with social media marketing, you can reach your business goal with the help of our Social Media Marketing professionals. We’ll do all the work for you, quickly and professionally– no matter if you’re looking for targeted ad campaigns or just need a little promotional boost.

Social Media Marketing

We will ensure that your social accounts are running smoothly with weekly check-ins and campaign updates to ensure proper organic growth.

Account Setup
Social Page Design
Info Improvements
Account Optimization
Verification(If Applicable)
Single Account
Social Strategy
2 Posts p/week
20 Comments/Replies
Monthly Reports
Single Account
Social Strategy
4 Posts p/week
100 Comments/Replies
Weekly Reports
Single Account
  • Single Account: refers to a single social media account, including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Instagram.
  • Account Optimization: is the correction of sub-optimal settings or misspelled information.
  • Page Design: refers to the design and formatting of page covers and profile images.
  • Social Strategy: a simplified guide to optimize for engagement and reach.

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WebMeta uses special features and tools so you can make every post count towards growing your business online. Our social media strategies are built specifically for companies who want measurable results.

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Whether you have a small budget or a large one, Webmeta will help you build effective campaigns so your business can grow faster. Spend less time managing your advertising efforts while getting better results.

  • Goal setting

    We help you identify your social marketing goals

  • Choosing an audience

    We do all the research necessary to find your target audience

  • Setting up Schedules

    We setup all social posting schedule to ensure your marketing will run effeciently

  • Tracking & Reporting

    We track and analyze all your conversions to ensure maximum reach on your social media posts

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